About Us

Salisbury Partners is a firm of highly motivated financial consultants with over seventy years finance industry experience. We offer a comprehensive financial service to satisfy both business and personal requirements.

Salisbury Partners is committed to excellence in client services. We believe there is a genuine relationship void within the financial services industry - one which we seek to fill - and we recognise that borrowers often encounter difficulty in communicating their finance needs.

Our Experience:

  • Our consultants have extensive experience in finance and business
  • We are familiar with lender requirements and have dealt regularly with many banking and other financial institutions
  • We are able to advise on the prospects of acceptance of your proposal  and can suggest options which will increase its level of acceptability to lenders or which may be simply more advantageous to you.
  • We can provide immediate credibility with new lenders, the importance of which is often overlooked when seeking finance

Our Service:

  • You need only deal with our firm for all your financial requirements, resulting in significant time saving for you whenever there is a need to borrow.
  • We have an extensive network of professional business associates who are able to assist us and our clients as and when necessary
  • Our consultants aim to fully understand your business or other financial requirements and will suggest a flexible finance package tailors to suit your needs, always seeking to reduce your financing costs
  • We enjoy the respect of a diverse range of lenders including banks, institutional and private sources. As a result of these associations the loan assessment process is greatly simplified and the decision making period shortened.
  • We undertake the work involved in facilitating your financing needs, enabling you to concentrate on your core business.
  • Your requirements are always professionally and comprehensively presented to lenders.
  • We aim to be your partner for life, thus overcoming the problems associated with the transfer of finance personnel

Our Performance:

  • Since 1995 our company has assisted in securing finance in excess of $920 million across numerous business sectors. Our loan applications have achieved a very low rejection rate because we understand credit requirements and can comprehensively communicate your needs.
  • Lenders respect the non-incidence, to date, of defaults on loans which we have recommended for approval.
  • We consistently achieve reduced interest rates and fees on your behalf because of the volumes of business we refer to lenders.

Salisbury Partners

PO Box 671, Lindfield NSW 2017

Raymond Roumanus Credit representative Number 513696 of BLSSA PTY LTD : ACN 11765176 Australian Credit licence:391237 Salisbury Partners (Australia) Pty Ltd ACN 120421016. Credit representative Number 513660

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